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Picaxe programming jack?

Anyone know of a place I could just buy the little jack to connect a picaxe microcontroller to my computer?


Thanks. :) 

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It's more than just a cable.

And there are 3 versions, all can be purchased from here. (Sorry, they do not allow deep linking, crap website, you will have to search for "download cable" yourself)

I already have the cable. I just need the little jack that the cable hooks up to on the board.

do you mean the socket? this:


most electric stores will have them, maplin may not be the best place, depending where you live.

Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for! Does anyone know of a place I could get it in USD (the type that Ajster gave the link for so I can solder in easily)?


Thanks :) 

As of about an hour ago I'm boycotting Radioshack (long story). I want to be able to solder the jack onto pcbs really easily so I don't want any normal headphone jack where I have the socket dangling off of it. I checked Sparkfun, and they only have the cable version (I actually emailed them and asked about it). And Fry's only has the cable version as well. I'm looking for just the little jack that's seen on Picaxe boards.


Thanks :) 

Yep just found it. Sorry, missed it my first time around. :)

Comes out to about 12 cents each which is less than 1 tenth the sparkfun price but this company is in the UK. If you need a bunch it would be cheaper to order from here.When I bought them I ordered 50 or so since I use them on every board I make.

There is nothing sacred about using a stereo jack with a PICAXE. The main reason was that when the PICAXE was being developed the DB-9 to stereo plug cables were readily availible for use with digital cameras and really cheap.

Personally, I use a 3 pin male header on my boards. It takes less space. All you need to do is make one stereo jack to female header adapter for your current cable and you are in business.