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Wiring a 3.5mm audio jack to an 8 pin picaxe?

Ok, I want to be able to easily make my boards programmable by wiring a 3.5 mm jack to an 8 pin picaxe microcontroller. However, I'm not completely sure which wire goes where to do this. The jack has 5 pins, anyone know which goes where to program a picaxe 8 pin and hook it up to a battery?


Thanks :) 

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The manual shows which areas of the stereo male plug is A,B,C and relates those to serial in , serial out and 0v. Once you have wired your male plug then all you have to do is get your multimeter and do a circuit test (with the plug connected to the socket) on those pins on the female socket to see which one is A,B or C. 


RTFM on manual page 37 

A link to Manual 1 would probably have been helpful.
OOPS my link didn't work, was supposed to have been where it said "manual page 37". Wasn't trying to be difficult but more helpful. Was using Safari and I can't always get links to work. My apologies to all.