Let's Make Robots!

Stuntbot AKA Dreambot

This is my entry to Oddbot's Robot Video Competition. As it isn't a 'proper' robot i have put this in a blog post. 

The main chassis is made from wood, and the shell is made from cardboard. I'm nt sure what happened to the original shell we made, I think my friend who I was working with took i, and I got the main part. It was black and red, and designed a bit like a tank!


I actually made the original main chassis in year 6 at primary school. But some of it was damaged, so I had to fix it up a bit. I also upgraded the battery pack to two pairs of AAs in parallel, as it wouldn't climb steeper slopes very well.

The motor is held in the holder with blu-tak becase the original motor had solder blocked terminals, as the ends of the wires had snapped off. I tried to remedy this, but made it worse (Lighters, solder, and plasic casings) so I could not attach the wires, so I used a different motor.

Photos of production below.


Making the main frame of the shell.


The card frame was a bit wobbly, so i added some streghtening corners.


Pegs are very usesful. I stregthened the peice holding the battereies and motor, because it was a bit too bendy, and adding exta batteries only helped this.


Final shell, with printed flame design.

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I like your video, it made me laugh, great idea :)
Amazing work, you are a very talented person!