Let's Make Robots!

Just Damn Cool

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I cycle back and forth to work every day of the year - this would be a cool advertising gimmik for my buisness.

It could be dynamo powered - or with a wind-generator, very ego friendly.

By my calculation you need at least 2 if not 3 per wheel to produce the graphics show. 

That system had 64 RGB LEDs per spoke and 4 spokes per wheel.

I had suspected there was some form of (TV style) interleaving somewhere.

Next they will be selling them with intergrated TV RXs

...ist that you're already working on Dagu's version... ;)
I am making a programable sign for DAGU (32x32 LEDs) which I hope to make touch sensitive but I'm sure I'll end up doing one of these eventually.
Quick delete this blog before Jack from DAGU sees it otherwise he will want me to litterally reinvent the wheel :P
So OddBot , the Dagu Version will have to have at least 32 RGB leds (and i put my name down for the first one) - then we are talking serious graphixs- there are many bikes where you are going.


I'm totally digging the blowfish and the BSD daemon :) The near-true-color images kinda put LadyAda's SpokePoV to shame.

WHY on earth did I not invent this? WHY?

That is SO cool!!!

Wow now that was awesome.  I love the 3d effect it had with the X spinning.  Man now this make me want to make an POV now lol.