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Chickens!!! (Non-Robotic)

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We are only going to name 4 of them for just that reason. --You can't eat something with a name, so at least 1/2 of them are officiallly named "food". In the meantime, they are all just egg layers. I've been doing some math, I think we are looking at somewhere around 2000 eggs a year!

Or did you use the Decision Maker 2000 to come up with that number?

Unless your chicks are indeed all -uhm- female, you may have 2000 sleepless nights per year instead. Probability on 8 roosters among 8 unsexed chicks is (1/2)^8 = 1/256, says Newton.

Sexism is a bitch, I know. It's the roosters that will face the pan, the hens will receive the lavish treatment. It sucks to be male sometimes.

 if you have too many roosters you can always...