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How to Hook Up a Potentiometer

I googled it and I still cant measure the resistance of a pot using a multimeter. I put 4.5volts on the left pin and tried to measure using the middle pin and the right pin and nothing. What am I doing wrong?

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I understand you got it figured out now. But I am still puzzled about your initial experiment. Were you trying to measure voltage or resistance?

Did you rig up the pot as a voltage divider (between 0 and 4.5 V)? Or just trying to confirm that is was 10 kOhm?

I was trying to measure resistance. I have a 10k pot that I wanted to start out set at 5k so I could adjust it up and down to change the values given by my LDR.

Hmm, well pots are pretty easy to figure out.. what did the multimeter show when you measured from left to middle and right to middle? Do you get an error or just 0 resistance?

Just stating the obvious but it`s always good to check, 1) the multimeter is on the right setting? Mine has several functions on the 1 "resistance" setting, like continuity and diode check. And 2) it is definitely a pot and not a rotary switch or encoder?

It was giving me an error even though I had the multimeter set for 20k ohm max even though the pot was 10k. Of course now that I posted and tried it again it worked. That's just how it has been going lately. I run into a "problem" then when I ask a question and try again it works...
Thats good ol` Murphy and his stupid law screwing with you :)
The definition of insantity is repeating something and expecting a different result. I repeated my actions and got a different result... go figure I guess this proves we are all insane.