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Quick question about this simple circuit?


[yay, I got the image up!] 


 I know this is very very basic, but what the heck, I want to make sure that I put everything together correctly.



So would c and b be wired together and connected with a 10k resistor and then c goes to 0v and b goes to a 22k resistor then serial in?

 My main concern is the 10k resistor connecting c and b and then each goes to the picaxe. Is that right?


Thanks, and sorry if this question seems overly simple, it just seems odd to me to have 3 wires connecting at 1 point (b, the 10k, and the 22k). I'm pretty sure I'm reading this incorrectly. :)

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Haha, ok so I did read it right. Thanks. :)

In this diagram c is ground, b is serial in and a is serial out. RS232 normally works at +12V and -12V levels so the 22K limits the currents to levels that can be handled by the picaxes internal voltage limiting diodes.

The 10K that your concerned about grounds the serial input when the cable is disconnected to prevent it "floating" but does not load the input enough to affect serial communications.

The rules are as follows:

1. RTFM - do what the manual says.
2. if you disagree with the manual then do whatever you feel like.
3. if magic blue smoke appears then see rule 1.

Just got it up, sorry about that. :)

Sure, I haven't given up. I'm tried to put up a different one, but that didn't work. However, I did manage to put it on Flckr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37851028@N06/3601685849/


I apologize if it appeared that I was not putting any effort in. 

Yeah, I see a blue box w/ a question mark. Something must've gone wrong when uploading. When I right click it it works. If it doesn't for you, then I am talking about the 1st Diagram on p. 37 of the Picaxe Manual 1.


Sorry about that. :) 

I must have a different version of the manual. From now on please explain exactly what circuit you are talking about and don't just give up when you see a blue box with a question mark. We are happy to put in the effort to help but you need to put more effort into the question.

When asking a question on this site be as specific as possible and give as much information as possible including links to datasheets or diagram when appropriate.

If you don't do this then you will frustrate those trying to help you and the answers you do get may not help.

I can't see a diagram and without one I have no idea what your talking about :/