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Using a 18f4420 for something.. learning-ful, or fun?! :P

Well I aquired a PIC18f4420 when Circuit City closed down. Being an employee there, well.. everything was thrown away, besides what we could fit in our pockets without being caught.

And well, I found a... chip/board thing, that has a PIC18f4420 chip on it, and flip it over, and it slides into a breadboard. I searched online to see what it was used for, and the only thing I could find was the hand held devices that program cars remote-start, or something like that. Costing around $100 just for the chip on the board setup.

 Haha, now..

To hook it up and have fun?

I'm fairly new, had my fair share of newbie experience with the electronics learning lab from RadioShack. Just looking for some simple ideas to just show that I can use it :D 



Well, this is a hella old post.. I just found the chip again.. and some how, the instructions were right next to it.. lol..


Well here's the link for what it belongs to, and then the second link is the PDF for installing it into the Bitwriter (what it belongs to)




 Here's the.. well, bottom I guess:

Flash kind of took away all the pretty words on the chip!

Just so you don't have to read up.. it's a PIC18F4420 


And here's the top:

There's a silkscreen(I think that's the right term lol) of a DIP chip aligned with the pins.. I kind of assumed those pins would match the chip pin for pin.. but boy was I wrong, I went through a few connections with my mutlimeter.. the pins are whack. Some pins would match like 4 pins on the board (Most likely ground or power) but some other pins, I couldn't find a connection at all. (I wasn't very patient with it, so there very well could have been, but I went over em a few times :P)



But yeah! I'm not too sure how easy it would be to use as a processor to program and what not, that's kind of what I was hoping for when I posted this, but my experience was a big factor.

Anyways, just had to update this because my cameras working.. if I actually use it in a project.. or have ANY clue on how to use it in a project, I'll update again. :)

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Is the 18F4420 soldered onto the board, or is it just sitting in a socket?

If it's soldered on you probably have your hands on a demo board, which is used to experiment with and/or show off the capabilities of the PIC microcontroller. Since you don't know what's programmed into it (if anything) you'll need a programmer to really do anything with it.

The 18F4420 is a 40 or 44 pin, 8-bit microcontroller with 36 I/O pins (including 13 analog/digital lines), an internal oscillator running at up to 8MHz and a max external oscillator speed of 40MHz. It runs on 2-5.5V and has a fairly large flash memory, so you could program it to do a huuuuge number of things, not just remote start cars =3

It's soldered onto a bread-board pinned PCB (haha probably sound like such a newb :D)

But there was instructions for it when I found it, just told you how to install it in the back of the remote for the programmer, I just got excited when I seen PIC18f I was like OMG, first thing that came to mind was LMR!

I tried reading most of the datasheet, but got like 4 pages in and started getting overwhelmed, I think I actually felt a tear forming. :D 

Well damn, lol scrambling around the house and can't find the Digital Camera, so I'll take a shot at writing what's on it! haha hopefully serves the same purpose.



-I/PT (then some weird sign)

0813R04 (or RO4)


Also, not on the chip, but on the board it self DE29 is posted on both sides.

Now, I found the site that sold this particular piece before, when I had read the instructions.. but those are long gone and I've not a clue where to even look again :D lol 

microchip say it is a 40 pin chip with 16kb of flash memory. 


Tom J 

Well I found out what it was.. haha still no idea what I'm going to do with it!

 It belongs in a Bitwriter, "998M IC Adapter" is what it's called, haha maybe I should just build a Bitwriter.. talk about a good project!