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Walks around, wirelessly controlled, and shoots at things. Won Mechwars 2009

Thought I would post about my latest robot: Issy (short for IssyDunnYet). I started actually making this robot run around about 3 weeks ago, and amazingly, it's ready to go in time for MechWars next weekend at Robogames in San Fransisco.

Issy is built out of 13 AX-12 servos using the bioloid frame kit, lynxmotion SES brackets for legs, and a custom AVR-based controller with an XBEE wireless link back to my PC. For competing in MechWars he is carrying a Wifi camera (through which I watch and drive), and an airsoft gun, as well as the required scoring system. 

UPDATE 11-25-09

Whoops, forgot to update stuff here after robogames. After quite a bit of work onsite, Issy won the Gold medal. Since I wasn't entirely familiar with the Bioloid servos at the time, I made a number of mistakes in how I was using them (and so they were severely underpowered). I ended up removing Issy's 3rd DOF in each leg to lighten him up and reduce the load on his leg servos. I also had to slow him down to avoid the scoring system detecting his rough walk as a hit. He's since been rebuilt as a slightly smaller fire fighting robot. A video summarizing Mech Warfare year 1, and showing lots of Issy, can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ_bAsbZLt4 

For anyone wanting more technical details, I've posted a tutorial on building Issy. His source code has also been open sourced and is included as an example in the ArbotiX release. 



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are those brakets custom or are they from a store


The brackets are mostly the standard Bioloid brackets for the AX-12. The upright portion of the legs are Lynxmotion SES parts.


This bot is super creative but I'm wondering how you get the airsoft guns to fire?

The ArbotiX robocontroller used (available at Trossen Robotics) has motor drivers onboard which can handle the smaller tank guns. For larger guns, a larger transistor will work.


This is absolutely amazing. Seriously, I'm stunned at your ability to make this and I can't believe it only took 3 weeks. Super cool that it's armed with an airsoft pistol. If you're looking for sponsorship for your next event, let me know and I can hook you up with some equipment for your robot build.
wow, just wow! but isnt the camera a bit unprotected?

I've updated the pictures a bit, the old pics were before I had all the sheathing on.


How do you guys get gears and such stuff. Like the legs, etc. I can't find anything to mine robots.
Why not, for melee combat, have it sit on its 2 back legs, and hit the enemy with its front two. Or a flying tackle from off the ropes!
do you have any tips or book reccomendations for a begginer because i have just started to get into this and someday wnats to create a robot just like that.