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Motor driver

Well.. Ever since I found this page (through ing.dk) I've been dying to build my first robot.

I have bough all the parts I need, and i've been trying to modify an RC toy car, but i have blown up the motor driver in it :D. I tried with the 293D, but it couldn't take the current. So right now i'm just stuck...

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Of course you should buy local (du kan bare gå ned i Brink hvis du bor i KBH) - but hey - this is an INTERNATIONAL SITE :D

I personally HATE entering a site where people start talking their own excotic language, so I will refrain from ever doing that again (And the translation was: They will have it at Brink, in case you live in Copenhagen)


I cannot tell how much current / how high a voltage it takes for the relays you link to, to switch on / off? You need a relay that only needs 5V to switch on/off - and then of course one that can handle the V's & amps that your motor swallows.

Damn, it is tempting to just write Danish, knowing you are from Denmark :D But let us not, thanks :) (PM me if you want) 

Hey Drixx - you may be interested in having a closer look at my comming project "Wall Racers" (am just uploading final video now etc) - I use relays, am so sick and tired of L293D, that bitch! It also has a 1,5V drop!

And H-bridges does not work for me - too complicated, expansive, or I fry them as well :D

Relays, my friend. That's the way if you are as stupid but eager for power as I :D

Will make walkthrough!

Hi Drixx,

Do you know what kind of motor is in your RC car? The L293D can only sink around 1 A or so and it is very likely that your RC car's motor eats a lot more current for breakfast (maybe in the order of 20 A when stalled). Maybe you should look into a high power motor controller / h-bridge (either buy or build whatever you feel most comfortable with).

Information on H-bridges if you don't know them (these are for low power h-bridges though):

H-bridge tutorial from Chuck McManis

H-bridge tutorial from David Cook

- Jimmy