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Yellow Drum Machine DAGU version

DAGU has asked me to make a prototype of a Yellow Drum Machine-kind of project. Thanks OddBot and Jklug80 for bringing this on ;)

Actually I was trying to make a robot that would carry a camera and take pictures of it self and stuff.. and these days I only have just about 30 minutes of spare time every day to build.. and logging in to LMR often takes that time, so I had to drop all other projects to be doing this.

But "a robot mass produced in China" sort of beats "a robot that can take pictures of itself", so I agreed, and this is the project I am on these days.

I promised OddBot to make a blog entry (Basically to share like I am asking everyone else to be doing) - and here we are ;)

I even uploaded a video!

The base is the DAGU belt track base that I can see many other are using now as well. My experiences with Mr Basic and the mousebot are "mixed", but I must tell you all that this belt-base is REALLY nice made!


The programming on this one is quite different from the older versions.. and I am not making it easy for myself. Last times I made some very "loose" code (I prefer to call it "organic"), but now thinsg are so much in order that I cannot believe it myself :) (OK, I am not finished at this point, so it may go down hill)

I am making it so that not only is tracks half pre-made and then sort of randomized by the code.. but each instrument has an individual track that can individually be mixed with other. Hard to explain, but to put it short; I have many more possible variations put into much less space.

And it's tighter as well, as I am using interrupts this time. In fact one could very easily hook up an external timer with a crystal or whatever, and have a very tight drumming robot.

On the video the beat is not synced, sticks are not hitting right on the beat, but that is just because I have not tuned the code, set some variables up so all sticks hit at the same time - I do that in the end when everything else is rock.

There! i made a blog entry :) And I actually have 20 minutes left to program this sunday evening :)

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Hi Fritsl, After not being making robots for too long.. I made a bell for my drumbot out of some junkparts last week. Now I suddenly remember this prototype wich also has a bell. Do you have that YouTube video still somewhere? just for inspiration.. (yes you 're inspiring!) As soon as I have put all my robot pieces together some more I will upload some pictures or a video of it.

Hi Dannyv, thanks - sorry, I had made the video "private" on youtube, as I figured it would not be of any value to any one :) I had forgotten that it was a part of this page.

After I now made it public again, it's back on the page :)

MORE COWBELL! Why am I being blamed for this? If you don't want it just send the checks my way since I am responsible somehow for you having to do this :)

Lol, sorry if this was lost in translation somehow ;) I just remember that you where so KIND, that you pushed the "DAGU should make a YDM - concept" :)

PS: I will hide a cowbell-bananas-easter-egg in the code.

Got ya.... just make sure the checks don't get lost in the mail when you send them to me. I will be holding my breath in anticipation.
They will have to sell one to every child in china before the tranfer itself is covered! This is just for fame!

So make out that check in milli Hilton, rather than milli dollar.

Congratulations by the way. On a new build in progress. On blogging again. On your Dagu connection. In other words: Welcome back!

Cool swiveling drumming arm too!