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Photocell to motor circuit not working. :(

Ok, to make sure I would not mess up I got a little help reading the circuit from Instructables. After following this word for word, I found that my circuit simply did not work, and when I touched the transistor it was extremely hot.


Here is what I put together following the instructions:


[Honestly, that's the best photo I got.]


And here are the instructions I followed:

"Solder the motor and the resistor to the + 9v battery. Then solder the other end of the resistor to the photocell and connect the second pin of the photocell to the base (middle pin) of the transistor. Attach the other pin of the motor and the

- side of the diode to the collector (right pin loking at the flat side) of the transistor.Finally solder the + side of the diode and the emitter (left pin looking at the flat side) of the transistor to the - wire on the battery. " 

Can someone let me know how to fix this?


Thanks :) 

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Alright, I'll get the parts you recommended and try again. I'll let you all know how it goes.


Thanks :)