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Cardboard Walker Bot~ Oddbot's Robot Video Competition

Walk around

* AtMega 88 Custom made Development board
* Exacto-cut coardboard from a shipping box I received earlier
* Coardboard painted with Rustoleum Paint (making it look plasticy)
* (2) infrared emitters and an infrared receiver for object detection
* (2) micro servos for tilt and stride and (3) others for stepping and pivoting
* Piezospeaker in body underneath battery pack
* Power switch located adjacent to battery pack
* FTDI 232RL mini USB programming port
* (4) AA batteries for 6v power supply
* Blue power indicator LED



Vote for me for Oddbot's "Robot Video Competition"! I really have been eyeing his robot "Junior" since he first started it. And I hope that I can have the privledge of working with it.


The chassis was simply one of these guys cut up:



The Servos I got from a past project, all LEDs from various things I took apart (VCRs, Computers, Remotes, etc.) Piezospeaker from a toy train that was broken, both IR emitters were 47Hz from remotes I believe if my memory serves me well. I whipped out my spectrum analyzer, and I think it was 47Hz, so then I bought two receivers within that range and whipped up a circuit.


So the only things I actually bought was the Atmega88, 2 IR receivers, and PCB, totalling a whopping  $18.00 for a potentially expensive projectusually in the 100s for servos alone.


The PCB company I used is a local one, however probably the cheapest I have ever seen, it has a tutorial on converting from Eagle to Gerber (what the machine uses) so everything is easy as pi.gif (math joke :D). 

Here it is: http://www.procyonpcb.com/


The PCB was a good $8.00, very well spent

Truly a budget bot





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Very nice!
Impressive! :D


you have to install a Gauss cannon and 2 LRM array

wow, thats some mean foot liftage your getting there. it ain't no shuffle :)

well done!


The Priority Mail shiiping boxes are free at your local US Post Office. The boxes along with the cardboard mailers are very handy and cheap hobby materials.

I use the mailer as a cutting board when using an Xacto knife. 

I probably wouldn't advertise this much... since using USPS packing materials for anything other than shipping through USPS is a federal offense...


Just keep it a secret between the two of us.

Of course, we are "recylcing" used mailers. 

Care to quote the statute?
I think what he meant was to save the boxes you get when things are shipped to you and repurpose USED boxes for robots... ;)

I meant the FedEX mailers.......

 Here's a video (not mine) of a FedEx mailer being used on a digital cutter. 


A very handy tool.