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The Beast II - Evolution

Hi all,

 In case anyone wondered what happened with that dude with his wooden CNC machine, well I'm still kicking :)

I have finally reached a milestone with this guy, software seems fine, motors turn, everything is mounted back in it's place.

I have modified the Y axis to acomodate the Z axis, reprogrammed the motor controllers many times over and over, added radiators, killed and revived the arduino software .... etc, etc, ....

 And finally it came to this:




















Yes it looks a lot like the first incarnation :P

And to prove it does actually do something:



















It writes LMR using g-code created from a SVG drawing :D Yey !

Finally: YES there is a video doing the drawing but for some reason yahoo decided to change something about their upload page and I cannot upload it :(









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Is on the robot page, updates will be there too.
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Why a Blog. This is worthy of a robot page. You must get the video sorted out :D
Show us photos of your circuitry, post schematics and code. I recently saw a simple plastic extruder that would make this into a fantastic 3D printer. You could probably make one with a hot glue gun and another stepper motor.

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I will create a robot page for it ASAP, and sort out the video issue. The plastic extruder ideea is not bad at all, I have been thinking about making one too as an alternate toolhead. A glue gun won't do I think, it has to extrude pretty thin and quickly.

Btw, good luck with your new job in China :)