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PLC languages

I want to work with siemens PLCs but there is seven kind of languages for programming it.

which one is proper for beginner?

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Hey Amir

It´s been a few years since I worked with PLC´s but i think that ladder programming is the essayist to program and the most common.



There was a language that I used for lattice GAL's, I think it was an entire program though. It was called Wincupl

Here's the link to the software that i think will get you started:


I assume you intend to use the newer S7 family that has been around for some time. I would also recommend laddder language for starters - it's simple, intuitive and fast enough for most of the industrial automation tasks. There are numerous tutorials available, just google for them and find one that suits you best.

The 7 languages? IEC languages?  It all depends on what you already know for programming.  Most coming from electrical backgrounds tend to like Ladder Logic.  Most coming from computer science backgrounds tend to like Structured Text (similar to C/Java).  Instruction List is similar to assembly. SFC is a great to organize your code.  One block for inputs, one block for outputs, one block for your logic.  I actually work for ELAU, which makes servo motors and PLCs.  Id be happy to assist you in any programming questions you may have.