Let's Make Robots!

New stuff to play with (oh joy oh joy)


Today I received my CMUCam3 which is a small ARM7 based thingie with a camera and 4 servo connectors amongst other stuff. I'm hoping to get some time to dig out my old image processing books and make some interesting stuff. Would be nice to have something follow the cat around and give him some exercise :-)

I'm amazed at how small the board is. I think it is actually smaller than the picaxe 28x dev board - of course it is higher since it has a sub board with the camera attached to it.

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jip's picture

Oh yeah... I finally got time to hook up the CMUCam3 and build the firmware that emulates the CMUCam2 and there is light at the end of the tunnel... or is it in fact just the kitchen? :-)


Right now I'm running the camera board off of one of my 7.2V Li-ION packs (1100 mAh and weighs 92 g - these are awesome!).

Soon it's time to get some of my own software onto that board and start making it into EvilCam!

SOOOOooo lucky :P
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Did you already made something cool with it? Person (Blob) recognition or something :)
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Unfortunately not. I have been too busy developing software for work related stuff and also I have been busy gardening :-).

Anyway I was thinking of doing the tracking kind of the way we did it at the university. This was based on building a probability map using a probability function based on each pixels Mahalanobis distance to a certain training set of pixels (actually the distance was to the mean pixel value of the training set). The probability map would then be given to something using the mean shift algorithm as far is i remember. It worked pretty well back but of course that was using a 2.2 GHz laptop for the processing... this cmucam is only 60 MHz so maybe I need to rethink it a bit :-)

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I'd love to have one. But it's way over my budget. :(
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Wow - you are the first guy I know actually trying this!!