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i want advises

hello i am new in this group.i would like to give me advises on how to make a robot witout paying a lot of money.if someone can help i would be pleasure.also my e mail adress is george_panorama_92@yahoo.com

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There have been some very good robots made from paper and cardboard on this site.

Use the search bar at the top to look for key words like paper and beam for inspiration.




Well picaxe is a good start. However if you want to make robots out of old toys and what not I would reccomend this book. http://www.amazon.com/JunkBots-Bugbots-Bots-Wheels-Technology/dp/0072226013

This is how I got into robotics. Very straight foreward easy to follow instructions to build beam robots.

i think that is good idea to start making robots from books.ths for helping
For a brand new beginner, I would reccomend a picaxe because it has everything on a single board.

Find old printers for motors, gears and stuff, get old cdrom drives for nice dc motors and maybe drivers ... oh yeah and floppy drives

You still need some brains, either go the BEAM way, or get some cheap microcontroller like Attiny2313 or pic16f628. Or a picaxe but I do not know them very well to recommend.

It depends on what you want your robot to do.
Vey simple BEAM-type robots can be built from electronic "junK" found aroud the house. 
A lot depends on hat yo want your robot to do 
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i appreciate your help.that is i want to do.i want to make a robot alone from the electronic junk from toys or other .can you tell what i must take and make one???
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