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2 questions about picaxe

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Is not clear at all.
what you mean? 
i guess you are asking whether the two products you listed work the same. They give you the same servo actually, the only difference is that the first "kit" also comes with a row of male headers and a bunch of resistors (yellow chip). If you want you can buy the second product (servo only) but if you want to connect it to a picaxe board you need to solder a male header on the board and stick some resistors (one per servo) in the DIP holder (the holder which would hold the yellow chip, in case you bought the first kit)

Serial is serial no mater if it is straight binded to a serial port on the pc, or an usb to serial converter. So if you have an older computer with serial port available go with the first else go with usb.

Don't konw about the servos though, someone else please jump in :) (never used a servo before)