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Staling Lego-slaughter

I have used quite a lot of time on this robot, but I still do not have a good feeling with it.

It was made to be cruel to the pity Lego-creations in my local Robot Club.. And that may be the bad carma in it, the reason for the project to stall..

I am building and building, but it is not really going nowhere.. I think it is a bad idea to build to be cruel, I may just take it all apart, and start all over with something just intended to be fun, and not made to humiliate the little Lego-creations that others have made..


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legos are cool man! but i've noticed Lego microcontrollers kinda suck cuz LEGO only suppports ancient operating systems like MAC CLASSIC and WINDOWS 98 ME. Even their latest, NXT controller brick, supports WIndows XP only although VISTA has been around for a while.

In that case, Frits is no murderer, Lego's self destruct!


Yes legos are lots of fun. I had them as a kid. But as you grow up you'll discover more and more limitations. In the end they will not provide enough challenge. Legos are only a stepping stone.

This was before I joind but with the benifit of hindsite I would say that lego lost because paintstick robots are more fun :D