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Mech-Walker (Unplugged) - Oddbot competition Entry

Mech-Walker (Unplugged)  - Oddbot competition Entry





4 Wax-Band Motors
Polymorph Bushes
Road-Kill Reflector
Tooth-pick Stabilisers

 No Batteries, No servos, No Processors were used in its construction -

- the only metal bit i used was a small paper clip to attach the 4 elastic bands to the center Hub.

 The Turret can be wound up and it will slowly unwind spinning the turrent plus is shooters.

Each leg has to be wound up.

If you wind them up the same way it goes around in a circle.

If you wind 2 legs up the same way and the third one in the opposite direction - it acts as an Omni wheel and the Mech-Walker will walk forwards - is that not cool - it impressed the heck out of me anyway.




 Take one long cardboard tube.

4 peices of flat PolyMorph cut into circles and drill centers out.

make four wax motors see "look no batteries"

Spraypaint everthing silver

Paint black and yellow legs

Assemble it all together.

 Wind it up and let it go.

It will walk for over 5 minutes on one wind up.




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Brilliant work Gareth.  You projects are always fun, enlightening, and entertaining.  I am honored to be in your film.  Please give me fair warning next time so I can look my best, and shave my bottom.

Shine_ing or Moon_ing ...... you have been officially "Monkeyfied"

Oh man, why did I never see this before? You so funny, Gareth!

Good thing I have collected you as a friend now, the wonders of II, I will never miss another post from you again!

Greetings Fellow Vulkan may you "live long and prosper"


(picture-Gareths failed Solar time machine)

thats cool, LMR videos are definitely improving when blue screen starts being used!

also your turtlebot ^^ looks incredibly realistic.

I use a program called Editstudio (there is a demo version to tryout) and it very resonably priced at  $89 USD - compared to adobe and the other high end video editors.

It actually does not matter what colour the background is - you just film against a colour background that does not appear on your robot

ie if your robot has some blue on it then you just film it against a red background and tell editstudio to make all the red bits it finds Transparent. Then its just a simple case of overlaying the second Video. Its a very simple process.

The Turtlebot is something i wish to work on during the summer - he is driven by a single micro servo - front legs work - just have to link in the back legs.

The Paper plan for the turtle shell can be found here Canon


Did you notice you where the monkey sitting next to Fritl ......LöL ......hope you dont mind......

yeah I did see =p thanks! 

also you've just answered all the questions I thought of after I had posted

Editstudio looks like some nice software, but I think i'll stick to iMovie (i have just discovered more advanced features which include green screen overlay!)

Nice work Gareth, i'll have to get cracking on my video!

 mikv you have been Officially "Monkey-Fied" - just after rudolph at the beginning

Yes the time is running out - get out the Hot glue gun and fire up the camera...

I'm in the Directors Cut edition of the '09 Cult Classic 'Mech-Walker (Unplugged)!!!' :D