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Mech-Walker (Unplugged) - Oddbot competition Entry

Mech-Walker (Unplugged)  - Oddbot competition Entry





4 Wax-Band Motors
Polymorph Bushes
Road-Kill Reflector
Tooth-pick Stabilisers

 No Batteries, No servos, No Processors were used in its construction -

- the only metal bit i used was a small paper clip to attach the 4 elastic bands to the center Hub.

 The Turret can be wound up and it will slowly unwind spinning the turrent plus is shooters.

Each leg has to be wound up.

If you wind them up the same way it goes around in a circle.

If you wind 2 legs up the same way and the third one in the opposite direction - it acts as an Omni wheel and the Mech-Walker will walk forwards - is that not cool - it impressed the heck out of me anyway.




 Take one long cardboard tube.

4 peices of flat PolyMorph cut into circles and drill centers out.

make four wax motors see "look no batteries"

Spraypaint everthing silver

Paint black and yellow legs

Assemble it all together.

 Wind it up and let it go.

It will walk for over 5 minutes on one wind up.




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Exactly what kind of beverage do you use to come up with ideas like this? I think I could use a sixer!

Cheers kahp-ho you have been officially "Monkey-Fied". halfway through vid left mid side.

No the funny thing is i have bypassed the 6-pack this week (its ok i am not ill) and shared some of the Wifes FineWine :-) maybe i should switch more often........

LMAO, thanks Gareth, looks like I been monkeyed too. Awesome video!
Lol i love it, probably one of the few times ill be laughing till finals are over. Btw that turtle looks really realistic, cant wait to see it in action. Reminded me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeqJ_vASWyE&feature=PlayList&p=6375616AF013F0ED&index=3

 Thanks for comments - you have been officially "Monkey-ed"

That turtle link is cool too - post it also in the LMR video Vault i am sure others would benefit.

AWESOME! Make a bloody robot entry so I can vote dangit!

I have three more of these (in the unplugged series) ,

The first two failed the Audition tests for Oddbots compo...(darn the casting couch)

i will post the four together as a robot entry group - all i can say is stay tuned.



 Catapillar (Unplugged - Oakleys included)

containing 2 Wax-Motors

He just spins and spins and spins in circles very slowly at the moment






 Bobby the Budgie

2 wax motors

body rotates 360°

head rotates 360° ¿

 wind him up and you cant stop him talking for over 5 minutes.

















Here is my next project, she already works using one servo to stroke her fins - if i can fit in a strong elastic-wax motor configuration then she is a beauty.

The drive mech inside is very Special.


She looks so real .....its uncanny.

brilliant!!!  so sweetie creatures!!!
those wax motors still make my brain go crazy   :D
Simple legs work best. Slowly turning in one direction, slightly angled outwards, mech turns the other way. Nice! Video is hilarious too.
Really nice work Gareth.