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Mech-Walker (Unplugged) - Oddbot competition Entry

Mech-Walker (Unplugged)  - Oddbot competition Entry





4 Wax-Band Motors
Polymorph Bushes
Road-Kill Reflector
Tooth-pick Stabilisers

 No Batteries, No servos, No Processors were used in its construction -

- the only metal bit i used was a small paper clip to attach the 4 elastic bands to the center Hub.

 The Turret can be wound up and it will slowly unwind spinning the turrent plus is shooters.

Each leg has to be wound up.

If you wind them up the same way it goes around in a circle.

If you wind 2 legs up the same way and the third one in the opposite direction - it acts as an Omni wheel and the Mech-Walker will walk forwards - is that not cool - it impressed the heck out of me anyway.




 Take one long cardboard tube.

4 peices of flat PolyMorph cut into circles and drill centers out.

make four wax motors see "look no batteries"

Spraypaint everthing silver

Paint black and yellow legs

Assemble it all together.

 Wind it up and let it go.

It will walk for over 5 minutes on one wind up.




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Thanks TinHead .......

You have been officially "Monkey-ed"

Right side monkey towards end of film.

That's gonna be hard to top...


 Gold star for Gareth



The best thing about LMR is we have a way of inspire-ing each other - thanks for the Gold Star.

My Monkeys are running out - i held one back for you so check the vid again. Hehe

maybe i have to extend the monolith part to get more LMRs in ........... (directors cut)

edit - you have been officially "Monkey-ed"

Gareth, you are the new Stanley Kubrick. I'm always learning something new from your videos.

Stanley was well ahead of his time......... i have always admired his works.

Check the vid again (i had a spare monkey) LÖL


 edit - you have been officially "Monkey-ed"

That made me laugh =D Great job!
Thanks Oatmeal - You have been officially "Monkey-ed"
It looks like I'm going to the bathroom. =) Its an honor to be Monkey-fied!
Look ma, I'm in a real motion picture. I'm the hairy creature on the left!

Amazing!!!!!!!!!   :D:D:D

Thank you for making me laugh A LOT!!   :D