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Another great idea that I didn't have

The Arduino Experimentation Kit (from oomlout) is a pretty damn slick thing. Usually I'm one of the shit talkers about Oomlout's stuff (they think a lot of their laser cut plastic). This thing isn't quite as pricey as I'd expect from them though. At 80 USD it _might_ actually be worth buying the kit instead of ordering parts from different places (and then paying multiple shipping charges).

What got me more than anything else was the printed breadboard overlays. A very simple way to show just where to plug things in. Especially for a seven year old, which I just happen to have one of.

Damn I wish I'd thought of that...

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Those breadboard cards are really cool, great idea to get a beginner started.

this kit it really is a brilliant ideia!!!

maybe I will get one for my daughter too, it is amazing seeing kids showing interest with electronics