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Modifying Parallax Ping)))

I'm wanting to make a small physical modification to a Parallax Ping))), however I'm not sure that it won't destory the component.

 What I'm wanting to do is create a backlight for the ping (such that it would look like glowing eyes). The way I imagine donig this is by drilling a small (maybe an 8th of an inch in diameter) hole in the side of each cylinder on the ping, and insert the the tip of a standard (or possibly smaller) sized LED into the hole from the outside. This should glow the inside of the cylinders fairly well, and should have a cool affect.

 But!, does anyone know if this with alter/destroy the function of the sensor? I have a feeling that it will. I see no reason all the ultrasonic sensors should be shaped as they are unless the shape is necessary for these components to function properly.



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Furthermore, I should have mentioned that I don't intend for the LED to enter the inside of the cylinder (or at least, not even enough to be visible by the naked eye).
I so wouldn't risk it...just put the led's on the outside or something.

Yeah, ultimately, you are probably right. I guess I was just waiting to see if someone would say "yeah, ive done something like that. It works. go for it." 

Its a cool idea though. Cool enough that i am suprised it hasnt been done before!