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URM V3.2 Ultrasonic sensor

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Vendor's Description: 

URM37 V3.2 Ultrasonic Sensor uses an industrial level AVR processor as the main processing unit. It comes with a temperature correction which is very unique in its class.

Direct control through RS232, easy to control by PC.



Power: +5V
Current: <20mA
Working temperature: -10 ~ +70 C
Detecting range: 4cm-5m
Resolution: 1cm
Interface: PWM, RS232 or TTL (via Jumper)
Servo control: One servo control output
Operating Mode: Serial (PWM) passive control mode; Autonomous Mode; On/OFF Mode
Temperature sensor: 12 bits reading from serial port
Size: 22mm × 51 mm

Weight: 30g 



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Can this thing work with Picaxe? If so this might be a good competitor for the SRF005 ! 

Yes. It does allow users to send serial command to control a servo. And Mr Miles has developed an Arduino library for this little sensor, and it should be very easy to use. 

Here is the download link: http://download.milesburton.com/Arduino ... 37_2.0.zip

Interesting device and a great price. I took a quick look at the manual. Does the servo control function allow this sensor to commnand a servo? It looks like a very impressive sensor.

Has anyone used one with a PICAXE?

Arduino supports Parallax's Ping, but not this one. If I buy it, were do I find information about the code needed to use it?

How do you access the serial control of the URM V3.2 via an Arduino - has this been documented anywhere.

I know you have to change to "Mode 1: Serial passive control mode" do you have any schematics of how to do this ?

Does this mean i have to desolder the SMD R16,17,15 and resolder to R18,19 for it to work off the Arduino Serial Port ?

Do you supply them with this modification already done ?


This would be a much better way to control it - plus its got a temparature probe installed.....

 Using this mode releases the Processor and lets the module do all the work. (ie just a simple serial read)


You are right. You have to desolder the SMD R16,17,15 and resolder to R18,19. Hope this answer your first question. 

Thanks for quick reply ,thats perfect - gives me a bit more confidence to desolder the the SMDs now.

Did you notice Mr.Flex has one of your URMs installed.....

SMD resistors easy to change - phew.....

Please could you help me with the mode change - if we get this working then i am sure the LMR crew will pick up thier ears.

Reading the Manual its not clear what value i should be sending to the module to change  to:-

Mode 1 - serial passive control mode.


I assume i must send this to the module:-

0x44 + 0x02 + (0x??) +0x22  -  can you help me with the  ?? ....... it only shows mode 2 (0xaa) and mode 3 (0xbb).

Thanks in anticipation.

TTL and RS223 passive mode is always on. You don't need to do anything to enable it. To start measurement, simply send 0x22 0x00 0x00 0x22 and wait for return distance.