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URM V3.2 Ultrasonic sensor

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Vendor's Description: 

URM37 V3.2 Ultrasonic Sensor uses an industrial level AVR processor as the main processing unit. It comes with a temperature correction which is very unique in its class.

Direct control through RS232, easy to control by PC.



Power: +5V
Current: <20mA
Working temperature: -10 ~ +70 C
Detecting range: 4cm-5m
Resolution: 1cm
Interface: PWM, RS232 or TTL (via Jumper)
Servo control: One servo control output
Operating Mode: Serial (PWM) passive control mode; Autonomous Mode; On/OFF Mode
Temperature sensor: 12 bits reading from serial port
Size: 22mm × 51 mm

Weight: 30g 



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You can get this sensor from www.yerobot.com


Arduino supports Parallax's Ping, but not this one. If I buy it, were do I find information about the code needed to use it?

Interesting device and a great price. I took a quick look at the manual. Does the servo control function allow this sensor to commnand a servo? It looks like a very impressive sensor.

Has anyone used one with a PICAXE?

Yes. It does allow users to send serial command to control a servo. And Mr Miles has developed an Arduino library for this little sensor, and it should be very easy to use. 

Here is the download link: http://download.milesburton.com/Arduino ... 37_2.0.zip

Can this thing work with Picaxe? If so this might be a good competitor for the SRF005 ! 


I decided for this ultrasonicsensor but i have a problem: I will change the mode (write on the EEPROM) and I want to use the mode 3(default mode1)

So I connected the sensor with my pc RS232 interface (programm docklight)

(my pc RS232 interface is an adapter for usb to RS232)
I tried to measure the command of docklight and I think it´s ok!

Baudrate: 9600 / Stopbit: 1 / Paritybit: None / Data bits: 8 / command: 0x44 0x02 0xbb 0x01 (mode 3) / Jumper setting: RS232
Connection: (RS232 <-> sensor: RXD <->TXD, TXD <-> RXD), sensor:GND, 5V

So i send the command to the sensor but i don´t get any information back to docklight and the mode also don´t change.

Has I forget something? Or do I something wrong?

Tanks for your help!