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Arduino Powered 4WD Mobile platform

Vendor's Description: 

4WD driven mobile robot platform designed for Arduino 


Wheel Diameter: 65mm

Max Speed: 90cm/s

Size: 200mm(length) 170(width) 105(height)

4 DC motor driven (270 RPX) 





A4WD Battery Connection


A4WD with Romeo


A4WD with Motor Shield

 This kit is now available on www.yerobot.com


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Could be just what I need! Got a link to where I could order one?

I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want


Where can I get one of these?

This Kit will be availalbe no later than 10th of July. Once it is in stock, I will post the link.

Thank you all for your interesting.

Not good news. Our newly developed 4WD Arduino mobile platform is so popular that it has been out of stock immediatly before being shipped to UK.

The first stock was sold out within two days. The second stock is under manfacutring and the shippment is defered till the 2nd of August. Hope this time they will show up.

hi, finally, this 4WD is in stock. You can order is through


Yes, they are geared.

The motor information:

DC Motor: 10300 RPM

Gear Ratio:1:48

I'm really digging the look of the bot. Great job!
I managed to snag one of the few in stock, so hopefully it'll be suitable for mounting the terk board on and I can supply a review soon!

You specify that it's Aduino powered, but it comes without the Arduino, right?

Is it made specially to be used with a Arduino Microcontroller (if so, which model/type?). Or is it made specially to be used with a DFRobot ROMEO Microcontroller, like the text says?

What makes it more suitable for Arduino than any other microcontroller?

The website says it's based on the DFRobot.. Does that mean that there's a DFRobot that I can buy, that's basicly the same robot base, but not specificly made for the Arduino?