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Arduino Powered 4WD Mobile platform

Vendor's Description: 

4WD driven mobile robot platform designed for Arduino 


Wheel Diameter: 65mm

Max Speed: 90cm/s

Size: 200mm(length) 170(width) 105(height)

4 DC motor driven (270 RPX) 





A4WD Battery Connection


A4WD with Romeo


A4WD with Motor Shield

 This kit is now available on www.yerobot.com


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Do you know what is the limit load 'weight' that the 4WD mobile robot platform can be tolerate ?

thank you.

This is an awesome chassis for those looking to build a sturdy 1st robot. I just purchased one from robotshop.us and went together in a snap (no directions, but its pretty self explanatory). It runs great, and provides a great platform for indoor robotics applications! (outdoor too, but obviously this isn't going to go off-road)

Overall, this chassis is an AMAZING deal for the price.  

Only 10 are in stock.

 So, hurry to get one.  The version has 4 much powerful motors.

The specification is:

• Gear Ratio 1:120
• No-load speed(3V):100RPM
• No-load speed(6V):200RPM
• No-load current(3V):60mA
• No-load current(6V):71mA
• Stall current(3V):260mA
• Stall current(6V):470mA
• Torgue (3V): 1.2Kgcm
• Torque (6V): 1.92Kgcm
• Size: 55mm x 48.3mm x 23mm
• Weight:45g


I just received this in the mail and it didn’t come assembled!!!!!! :(

On top of that there are no instructions included. Assembling the base shouldn’t be that hard but it’s the wiring that I’m concerned with. Where the hell do I start?

I've put up a photo of the motor wiring here - http://gallery.straylight.co.uk/robots/IMG_1223?full=1 . If it's not clear what's going on there, the motor on the left of the picture has two wires- the red one at the top goes to the bottom of the motor on the right, and the black one at the bottom goes to the top. There's then an extra wire soldered to the top and bottom of the motor on the right, which go to the motor controller. Same for the pair on the other side; so it's not true 4WD, as you only control them in pairs. Hope this helps!
Thanks, this is exactly what I needed. I'll give this a shot.

Perhaps looking at other Arduino robots might be a place to start.

That's 7 links to Arduino robots, just on this site alone.

Now, it is availalbe in Robotshop. http://www.robotshop.ca/dfrobot-4wd-arduino-mobile-platform-2.html

Customer from USA or Canada can order from them.  

Yes, it comes without Arduio. I suppose most of user will have their Arduino. So this kit provides the mount holes which can easily fix your Arduino Mega, Duemilanove and of course our Romeo.

 DFRobot is a company name who designed this kit.

You specify that it's Aduino powered, but it comes without the Arduino, right?

Is it made specially to be used with a Arduino Microcontroller (if so, which model/type?). Or is it made specially to be used with a DFRobot ROMEO Microcontroller, like the text says?

What makes it more suitable for Arduino than any other microcontroller?

The website says it's based on the DFRobot.. Does that mean that there's a DFRobot that I can buy, that's basicly the same robot base, but not specificly made for the Arduino?