Let's Make Robots!

Where to start, cheap!

Hi evrybody!

I really wont to start at building robots, but my mom thinks that i will drop the subject after 2 weeks or something. Then i have bunch of questions but only one main question at the moment:

Can you juse Java to program Robots.

I wont to build a car, and i wont it to turn out really cheap! EXSTREMLEY cheap! I heard of Android or something like that, i hope you can help me :)


Ps: My mom DONT wont me to weld :)

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Im not looking for java any more :) Becaus i have inforemd about the cost and about how it works :) Its not supportet by many :)

It's a rare breed for sure.

I have one of the javelin procs and have considered it to be a decent proc albiet expensive. I know some people have issues with it, like it can run warmer than most and if you're used to having the jvm do your memory cleanup ala gargbage collection, this is not a supported feature.  I do think it's great for people who do know java though.

  Tinhead has a good recommendation as well with nanovm which I was looking at trying myself.

You could also try this http://www.harbaum.org/till/nanovm/index.shtml if you really, really want a microcontroller with java. It needs at least an Atmega 8 microcontroller to get started.



http://www.ladyada.net/learn/arduino/help.html Does it not work for vista, :( Then i cant make robots!!!! Uless i juse my dads computer and it slow old and full with program, and i think it got a virus too :(

The newer arduino versions works under Vista without any problems. These FAQ is out of date.
It works "almost perfectly" under Vista.  There is a slight hangup with the version of Java that the Arduino IDE inlcudes in the download & Vista's "Aero" desktop interface but it is not a show stopper & is easily overcome.

Simon i didnt really catch what you did mean? I am from Denmark and i am 12 :) Danish peopol = Suck to English and when you are 12 this is worse xD

I recently started this as well and what i missed alot in the beginning was actually the normal electronic compontents. Stuff you'd expect be rather common, but here where I live (Norway) it was hard to come by. One option is to start desoldering old computers and hack electronic toys for parts, but that probably isnt the easiest way. So what I recommend, in addition to buying a arduino microcontroller, is to get a starter electronics kit. These kits have alot more parts then what the arduino starter pack's give you - parts you will need. I can for example the bitsbocks.co.uk's 613 parts starter kit is nice. You'll get a nice collection of leds, transistors, resistors, volt regulators, capacitors etc.

There is a micro controller that you can program in a subset of Java called the Javelin from Parallax. It is expensive and I wouldn't recommend it.  

I like Arduino and if you have some familiarity with Java, you should be able to learn it just fine.   It does use C/C++ under the hood but there are libraries that make it much easier to use.

A non-solder option would be Lego Mindstorms. 

Javelin is rather espensive. The Propeller can be programed in Basic, Spin [advanced basic], C and Assembly. I have seen somewhere a JAVA interpreter for it but I can't find that link now.It was in the forums. Spin Studio is fairly cheap DIY kit with lots of option boards like Audio/Video out, Keyboar/Mouse, Network etc... 

If Soldering is new you might look at this ready made prototyping option: Propeller Proto Board. It offers voltage regulation, Microcontroller and room to solder on options for only 39 USD

The PropStick is one sale today [Daily Deal] and Parallax has daily deals on their homepage for 15-30% off of a featured product.