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Zezinho, the poser

he's a poser










Playing with movements and poses.













Testing movements and different servo speeds.




This is Zezinho, a humanoid robot that likes to pose! :)



All the microservo supports where made with the amazing material Polymorph.

For now he is being controlled by 8 analog inputs, each input controls one microservo. In the future (as I hope) he will be controlled by a computer vision system where he will try copy real human poses in real time. I'm still programming servo control functions and movements presets.


This is the analog inputs setup and a custom servo shield.
I'm using an Arduino Mega because I need more than 6 analog inputs that the regular Arduino boards have and I don't have the time (or should I say patience) to digg around multiplexers..

I'm very lucky to have the support of InMotion.pt, they sent me the Arduino Mega for the first test drive. Thank you so much Filipe!! ;)

This robot will also be my final project for the course 'O Som do Pensamento'. It will be an instalation where the user will be able to control his poses with physical controllers. I've made a controller box in acrylic and will post photos as soon as I have it with me.



update 03-07-09


Click the image to see zezinho's new home  :)



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It would make a cool drummer, needs some bongo drums perhaps?

ah ah :D

maybe I will build another puppet and make a rock band  :D

I have that same mannequin without the "face". Very awesome machine (not a bot yet ;))


I suggest incorporating a MCU with it and making a inverse kinematics software, which is very easily implemented.

What kind of class is "The Sound of Thought"? That is what O Som do Pensamento translates to right?

"...inverse kinematics software, which is very easily implemented."

*ahem* tip/walkthrough */ahem*

wink, wink, nudge, nudge even ;)

I don't see that as an easy thing..   :-)    I mean, coding is not my strongest part..

"The Sound of Thought" is a digital art class given by André Sier.

I don't see how that is digital art, but alright, I could maybe write a tutorial on inverse kinematics in the future.

"The boundaries of art and science exist only in our minds" Theo Jansen

would love to see a tutorial on inverse kinematics

Strike a pose!

If I were you, I would make 2 and have them fight =)

Quite a bit of polymorph used =P

why fight?? :p   

I could make a female and make them love each other :D

That should test your polymorph modeling skills :)

Love your work guibot - original & expressive, possibly in the future pornographic !

Keep it up !