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can i still add a laser, speaker, led?

in my robot SC-QR-1 i have allready used all 8 servo-ports.

but can i still ad a laser(to see where it looks), a speaker(for it to call hor help or showing some sound-emotions..   etc.) and some leds(like a red to show power, white/bright to help my "primary-back-mounted-not-night-vision-spy-camera") 

and if yes would the servos disturb the lasers, speaker and leds?

and i was also thinking, stuff like the sharp ir sensors have ir leds in them, could i attach an led or laser to those pins??


please reply!! :D

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I think you can turn the digital inputs of the picaxe 28X1 into digital outputs, search LMR and see if you come up with something.
Are you using a picaxe or ...? If picaxe is it an 8, 28, 40?

ohh  sorry i for got to tell

it's 28x1

like vince said, you can use the digital inputs as outputs, for an easy way to use LEDs and a laser. 

in fact, if the leds and lasers are always on (rather than turned on/off by the IC) you can just connect them to any Voltage and Ground. (all the pins on the far left of the project board, if you're using one)

No, the servo timing will not interfere with these things. however, all those servo commands will slow down your clock speed, but that won't matter)

as far as the speaker, i may be wrong, but i think that has to be from an outpin. however, you can use a piezo buzzer (or some other sound-generator that doesn't require a specific signal) that to one of the digital pins. 

by bad..    i meant piezo insead of speaker(just forgot the name)

i allready knew the "always on" thing but i want the led and lazer to be turned on/off by the IC :D

do you know how to use the digital inputs as outputs?  please tell me! :D

high/low portc x, where x is the digital input. also, check the picaxe manual part 3 for how to wire a piezo, etc.

phev! thanks, i thought that maybe they would all be outputs then

but i only take one input and make it output at the time, huh?(phev)(i need two input-ports to a smart tilt sensor i plan to buy! :D)

also, can i use the new input/outputs to the piezo?

Is it possible to use a piezo or a servo on a digital input that has been made a digital output?

I mean for example using the "sound" command, not only make the port high/low.

 ** (we are talking picaxe 28 x1)

I think you should post your own question to the forum, rather than ride on this one.

its not what your asking but you could use this    http://www.robotgear.com.au/Product.aspx/Details/320

that way u have all your pins free minus a serial line .