Let's Make Robots!

robot boy costume for oddbot video competition

EDIT by webmaster: Please read comment below!


My son Shamus rampaging through the yard terrorizing the dogs in his robot costume I made for him out of a cardboard box.

Truly a cheap robot, with a well made video using Sony Vegas 6.0


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Thats awesome !

It's very human like - are you going to sell this one to DAGU too?

Hmmm, this give's me some ideas for some relatives....

For a moment there I though he had exterminated his sister but fortunately she seems resistant to his death rays. Towards the end there I could see the family resemblance. Shamus has your teeth and his moms eyes :D

I admit I never considered a robot costume but then again I tried not to be to restrictive on the rules to allow creativity.
Definitely a contender!

Cheap robot? 18 years of support isn't cheap!