Let's Make Robots!

Our Respective "Workshops"

Thought it might be cool if we could show off our respective facilities. I think "Robotguy" should go first because that give the rest of us something to work up to!!!

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Hey, I think I can call my lab complete :) Click to enlarge.

I'm wondering - how'd you take the picture?  Was it hardware or software which did the wrap?  Very cool !

Thanks a lot, GroG! That was software. I took 6 pictures and hugin stitched them for me. And stitched pretty good, I'd say, although I have no previous experience with panoraming.

21 May 2013-I took a new pic of the bench with my saggy-ass shelves built from wood pulled out of various dumpsters.  I'm running out of room and now that I see this, I expect the robots to revolt any day.  K9 is back on the bench.  Serv-O is up for an update too.

Okay, here's the main workspace right now.  I kind of waited to join this thread until I could show off my logic analyzer.  Look at that monster.  It sounds like a 747 when you fire it up.  The monitor is for the Beagle and the Pi.  Note the pretty blue soldering station (I'm pretty damned proud of that.)  You can kind of see Peen-E on the shelf.  I had him in the window, but the Fiancé disapproved of that...

Here's my programming space.  Yes, those are real Motorolla Macs-a G4 iMac and a G5 PowerMac-still running like a scalded dog.  I plan to run copper chip processors until either I die, the last of them dies or quantum computation desktop units become available.

Here's another angle on the workspace, including the "robot retirement community."  You can see Yubin Kun and aRDui5X's dome in the top of the cardboard box on the floor.  K9 (in progress) is on the collapsable bench.

...and finally, the bookshelf.  Serv-O is the only completely Max-made bot in this shot, but you can see some of the Wowwee/OWI toys I've collected over the years.  On the top shelf are two RoboQuads, two RoboPets and an OWI arm.  There's a Rovio on the second shelf, and yes, that's a mug shaped like a toilet (a "loo") shelf below that.

I'm only resharing because it will never look this organized again.
also have I mentioned lately how much I hate what Apple is doing with their software and how much more stupid I think he General public is for buying so much of their latest crap that they posted record profits for any corporation ever? It took forever to load a simple iPad image into the cloud because they are (I suspect) intentionally slowing down iOS on older devices to encourage upgrades.

DAGU expanded a few months ago and I am finally getting a real workshop. This was a storage and soldering room. It's now been cleaned up with more lights so I can get better photos and video.



The stairs don't go anywhere and end under my old office. I will use them as a storage rack for metal rods and tube used in my new  miniature lathe.  I do have a much needed airconditioner and there is a bathroom to the far right.


This area has the most light so I will be photographing and videoing new DAGU products from here in the near future.



China uses 240V @ 50Hz the same as Australia but they have the best power sockets. If it runs on 240V then I can plug it in!

This is the Dinner Table so I have to pack up when my lady wants to eat a proper meal. The plastic box on the right is a left over shoe box, one of six now that I have been collecting to store everything away in. My Lumi walker is hanging out along with my Rad tracks Rover. The Hurricane has given me more time to play...

Your time in Ga. Is showing :D

Yeah was it the yard sale cool old tool boxes for 5 bucks or the general lee :)

my storage space in the lair: