Let's Make Robots!

Our Respective "Workshops"

Thought it might be cool if we could show off our respective facilities. I think "Robotguy" should go first because that give the rest of us something to work up to!!!

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This is where Edward was created. In case you're wondering where the computer is: I do the computer stuff on my laptop on the couch. 

Man, I wish I had the space you guys have. 

Electronics workbench, a.k.a. dinner table (it's a good thing I'm not married) :



Machining workbench:




Ahh yes I remember when I could use the kitchen table and the coffee table as a workbench and leave my things there for weeks... It seems like it was longer than just 3 months ago.

In a way I wish I had someone nagging me to get my stuff off the kitchen table, because I'd like to build a second workbench in the garage for the electronics stuff, but it's hard to get around to doing that when you've got this nice flat surface in the house... :) But it'd be nice to have somewhere to sit down and have dinner PLUS a nice workbench for soldering, hehe. It would also be nice not to have to go from one end of the house to the other one when I want to switch between soldering and milling.


Wow. You have 2 chairs. Who is the second one for then? You have a helper?

O wait. For more tools off course.

 The fire extinguisher impresses, and worries, me. What appears to be a test-tag on it reinforces that impression.


Here's my section of bench in our lab at uni. It's quite tidy at the moment as we've only been in here for a few weeks, but i suspect it will get worse as the year goes by!



and now i only have a week or so left in the lab. Here is a photo from last week of how it has developed in the intervening time!



my lab space

quick run down of what you can see:

left hand side computer is my development machine (windows XP), use it for programming any embedded systems I might be using (in this case PICs and Atmel chips), then my macbook, for general research, use bootcamp for software programming. 


Under the monitor is a bit more exciting, the thing with the orange stripe is a GSM modem which we've been using to control our helicopter via SMS. Next to it is a simple test rig i threw together so i didn't have to lug a power supply and voltmeter about with me. Next to the power supply (to the left) is the main PCB for our helicopter (missing the ATMEGA128 chip), with another GSM modem attached.


In the background you can see a kettle, a panini machine and a small sample of the some 300 glass barrs bottles* we have in the lab... 


Not really looking forward to having to tidy it all up at the end of this week! 


*those in the UK will know exactly how much that equates to when we take them back :D 

 The Office

I managed to acquire the dining room table for the "Office" when my better half decided that we no longer required it. Now I just have to find a space amongst the software / photo / business stuff to make some robots.

The white bag under the table contains about half of the components for "mousey". the remainder were, at the time, in the local post office. They finally arrived today, so we may make some robot progress this weekend.