Let's Make Robots!

Our Respective "Workshops"

Thought it might be cool if we could show off our respective facilities. I think "Robotguy" should go first because that give the rest of us something to work up to!!!

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Here's my "shelf" its got 42 of my robots on it, 1 my father built, and 2 my cousin built.

(.....I just realized I'm a sick man got too dam many robots!  :-)

Impressive! It's amazing how you can stay away from ripping parts from old stuff. I'd wish I kept my robots this way :)

this is my working table:



Please excuse the walls. I haven't removed all the old wallpaper and painted yet.



my mess of a bench, I have a modular tool plate so I can place my drill press or bandsaw on that little black spot (covered by my head) on the bench and lock it in place when I need it

Nothing special. Just a table in the garage.

Here is one part of my workshop.

More photos coming later.

Good to bring this old thread up.

Here is my workspace panorama. The place on the right with the robots is normally the mechanics workplace,


And here is the software development center

Bigger fotos can be found here

(or until one of the girls claims it at least)

This is much cleaner than I thought!! LOL but true~ just like your works, always neat!!