Let's Make Robots!

Our Respective "Workshops"

Thought it might be cool if we could show off our respective facilities. I think "Robotguy" should go first because that give the rest of us something to work up to!!!

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Heres my electrical/mechanical table. Not much to look at. Sooo envious of other peoples equipment.

Top left of the table is my homemade desktop powersupply in a homemade wooden box. Ctc would cry if he saw it up close :D

In front of that is a pcb with my NiMH charger on it.



This is my software engineering and all round experimenting corner. The cardboard boxes at the bottom are my highly sophisticated component draws.


What's that blue box think on the side of your Dremel case? I have that case and am sure something should go there, but nothing seems to fit.


it's box with some extra tips. it was brundle with the dremel kit i purchased, which was the one just above the basic.

maybe it can also be purchased alone 

Ok so here's my workplace, which is nothing more than my sleepplace.

I discourage anyone to drill or cut with a dremel on your bed unless you like tiny debris around your legs when you sleep :P 



I was just messing about with a digital compact camera, and took a test shot of my workbench.  Then, I realised the it might be good to upload it here, so here it is:


The thing clamped in the vice is a mock-up of a quadrature encoder that I'm working on for the Hitari Tumbler robot chassis.  The idea is to make an accurate sensor for motor/wheel rotation, and hence get good odometry.  I'll fir a couple of IR LED/photodiode units in holes behind that gear.  The gear has an encoder disk on the back.


WOW! Is that the Hewlett Packard 3310A Function Generator? Cooool.

Depending on how big the project is, I'll either stay in my room or go to my garage.  I have a big project right now, so everything's in my garage.  Here are a couple pictures of my garage right now.


Here's my electronics work station.  I have a triple output power supply, a power supply/multimeter/soldering iron station, a computer oscilloscope, and my laptop.  


Here's my mechanical workstation.  Don't have room for a nice solid table =\ but I put my multi-tool on a little  moving platform and I just wheel it out when I need to us it. 



 The Office

I managed to acquire the dining room table for the "Office" when my better half decided that we no longer required it. Now I just have to find a space amongst the software / photo / business stuff to make some robots.

The white bag under the table contains about half of the components for "mousey". the remainder were, at the time, in the local post office. They finally arrived today, so we may make some robot progress this weekend.


Here's my section of bench in our lab at uni. It's quite tidy at the moment as we've only been in here for a few weeks, but i suspect it will get worse as the year goes by!



and now i only have a week or so left in the lab. Here is a photo from last week of how it has developed in the intervening time!



my lab space

quick run down of what you can see:

left hand side computer is my development machine (windows XP), use it for programming any embedded systems I might be using (in this case PICs and Atmel chips), then my macbook, for general research, use bootcamp for software programming. 


Under the monitor is a bit more exciting, the thing with the orange stripe is a GSM modem which we've been using to control our helicopter via SMS. Next to it is a simple test rig i threw together so i didn't have to lug a power supply and voltmeter about with me. Next to the power supply (to the left) is the main PCB for our helicopter (missing the ATMEGA128 chip), with another GSM modem attached.


In the background you can see a kettle, a panini machine and a small sample of the some 300 glass barrs bottles* we have in the lab... 


Not really looking forward to having to tidy it all up at the end of this week! 


*those in the UK will know exactly how much that equates to when we take them back :D