Let's Make Robots!

Our Respective "Workshops"

Thought it might be cool if we could show off our respective facilities. I think "Robotguy" should go first because that give the rest of us something to work up to!!!

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Thought i would add mine to this great post, don't feel so bad about the mess I make.

 Work bench 2


Work bench 1


work bench, aka dinner table. it is actualy a grea are cause the tv and computer are on the other side so i can watch stuff while building....  and when i need to cut or do something i just use the wooden box on the floor, there is one small problem, chipping and other bits get caught to your soxs and draged around the place.

wonder why there is a coffee grinder and a scale in a robot construcion area ? that for chemistry, highly flamable stuff right next to the sldering iron... what could go wrong ?   

My shop 360                                

I’ve been looking through all the different shops and am amazed by all the cool stuff you guys have. Anyway here are a few pictures of my work space.

Ok so this is the first corner got my wood lathe, some part bins, a few loose tools, tool boxes, and a couple plastic bins full of JUNK!  



This is my electronics corner, figure that LOL.  Packed full of parts and wire, also got a signal generator, portable scope, and a few other cool things on the rack to the right.




Third corner of my shop, band saw, CNC (not finished), more drawers FULL of hardware, some bins, yeah…


Ok unfortunately this is the fourth and final corner of my shop… you all have eyes so just take a look, pretty much just more parts, and JUNK!



This is the CNC I acquired from my mentor it’s really nice! He built it a while back and was looking to get rid of it. He still has the z-axis in his shed so I need to go get that sometime. Translators work beautifully, about 3’x3’ just need to design a control board to link them to the computer.


This is my other CNC that i started in 7th grade and havent done much on since. “Back in the day” I didn’t know much about this stuff so I ordered plans form a guy named John, it’s actually called The 7th so that’s kind of cool. Anyway its 3-axis 12”x9”x3” cutting area. Again needs a control board and also a few steppers. Should be nice when done, might sell… He still sells plans: Here









Wow! You got a lot of cool machines and tools and stuff. BTW did you clean up your shop for the pictures or does it allways look that tidy?

This is very clean!! Mine just big mess! I couldn't find what I need when it's clean.

Yeah, I guess, though there not of much use till I build control boards. And yeah I try to keep the place pretty clean but there are those times when it gets so cluttered I cant even work on my bench. My current experiment is on my desk up in my room so that’s a mess. It’s a little 12v Pitman with a quadrant encoder, and Victor 884, trying to synchronize the two for servo control.  

So I have been kinda quiet for a while but i have finally gotten a real workspace set up.... in a closet that has a depth of about 2 feet and my work surface is a shelf with the shortest dimension being 1.5 feet. Its a bit short but its very wide. here are some pictures: 

The big picture


  Here you can see everything, or almost everything as the top shelf is cut off. There are 4 shelfs. One is my work surface the others are storage for my stuff.
















Here is the top shelf.. Entirely composed of legos!


 Lego bricks are so useful I just have to have an entire shelf of em!

















Here is my electronics workspace


 There is a soldering iron but that is on the shelf above with other tools. 

My coding area is right next to it and consists of a computer (go mac!) and well thats it. My machining workspace is my front porch.

I spent 14 hours so far on cleaning up things. Last week this room was a no go area, only for the brave and acrobatic to be entered.

But I'm getting there.... Dreadfully slow......

Now another 14 hours to tidy up the other side of the room and another 40 to sort out all the small things. So many of them and somehow they all tend to end up in one big box. Or is it just me.........

I am in the same situation, but I have labeled that one big box "Un-Sorted".  This keeps the illusion that things are organized.

One year later.....


One year before.....