Let's Make Robots!

Our Respective "Workshops"

Thought it might be cool if we could show off our respective facilities. I think "Robotguy" should go first because that give the rest of us something to work up to!!!

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that's it




 i live in 25 m2 room so my workspace have to be pocket size :(





I’m really liking those little gears in the drawer (bottom right of photo) where did you buy them from, or what did you rip them out of?  

Judging by the quality of stuff you turn out, size doesn't matter (TWSS).

it will get messy :)


Here is our work space. I built the bench today. The other half of this room is still empty. I am not finished yet. Just started on everything today. This is a room that is in our basement that we would just store stuff in. I want to paint these walls and add shelves, etc. I am going to make storage space under the bench area.

ArduinoFun Workspace 

Looks good! Too good... There is just not enough crap in that photo. I mean, you have a floor!?

Extra points, though, for the whiteboard ;)

Never mind that - there's a suspeded ceiling? It's too clean.
Suspended ceiling - phah. I have a victorian cornice in mine

Heres my electrical/mechanical table. Not much to look at. Sooo envious of other peoples equipment.

Top left of the table is my homemade desktop powersupply in a homemade wooden box. Ctc would cry if he saw it up close :D

In front of that is a pcb with my NiMH charger on it.



This is my software engineering and all round experimenting corner. The cardboard boxes at the bottom are my highly sophisticated component draws.


What's that blue box think on the side of your Dremel case? I have that case and am sure something should go there, but nothing seems to fit.