Let's Make Robots!

Our Respective "Workshops"

Thought it might be cool if we could show off our respective facilities. I think "Robotguy" should go first because that give the rest of us something to work up to!!!

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my storage space in the lair:

This is the Dinner Table so I have to pack up when my lady wants to eat a proper meal. The plastic box on the right is a left over shoe box, one of six now that I have been collecting to store everything away in. My Lumi walker is hanging out along with my Rad tracks Rover. The Hurricane has given me more time to play...

Your time in Ga. Is showing :D

Yeah was it the yard sale cool old tool boxes for 5 bucks or the general lee :)

Hey, I think I can call my lab complete :) Click to enlarge.

I'm wondering - how'd you take the picture?  Was it hardware or software which did the wrap?  Very cool !

Thanks a lot, GroG! That was software. I took 6 pictures and hugin stitched them for me. And stitched pretty good, I'd say, although I have no previous experience with panoraming.