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Controlling more than 1 servo?

How do I controll more than 1 servo? Like for example, I can controll 2 servos by putting 1 servo right underneath the other. But that just makes it so that I'm running 2 servos on the same program. I would appreciate the people of LMR to help me. ;D thank you.

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oh im really sorry i forgot to state what im using, im using an arduino, with the servo.h library

You can control 2 servos with that library.  One on pin 9 and one on pin 10.  If you need more there are a couple of other libraries at:



I know that with picaxe anyway any out poin can be used to control a servo. Just make sure you have enough power to run them. You may need to run the servos on another set of batteries.

You haven`t really included enough information for people to help you.

Are you using an Arduino?

If yes, what library are you using?

If no, what are you programming the AVR in?

What do you want the servos to do?

"putting 1 servo right underneath the other" you mean servo commands on different lines? Putting servo commands 1 after another to be excecuted in order is usually the way it`s done. Theres probably a fraction of a microsecond lost. Is the timing that critical?