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Is anyone here good with diptrace? I am going to make a board for my led matrix when I start working on it but I need to create a tri-color LED using the specs found here. Once I finish the project (still waiting on LEDs) I want to solder it all on a professionally looking board. Perf board has holes that are too far aprt for the tri color LEDs. I need a quick walkthrough on how to make a component with specific dimensions.

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I've not used diptrace, but I'm sure there are lots of people pretty handy with eagle cad.


True but the full version of diptrace is free for LMR users as long as it isnt used for profit.
Whoa, this I did not know...



(I however am still using Eagle.  Haven't had time to learn Diptrace)

Search this site for diptrade it will show the post.