Let's Make Robots!

Giant Robot Project

Ok, soo.... I'm working on a big robot.  Its a spider tank style deal.  ..almost finished.  I've been working on it for a while.  Actually, i have 26 youtube videos on it.  Here's the first one...



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-or Jack. Or Oddbot...

Is DAGU still working on this? 

And 34 is up!
Just got done watching #33. Jamie, you're the man.
Standing on 3 of its legs! I am dieing to see it walk. Can't wait for the next video segment
ya.. heh heh.  I'm kinda busting my butt on this thing.  must remember to breath...
Great project, but how will it get around all the trees? :-)
Around? Pssh, it will go THROUGH the trees.

We have made a new one : )


I'm sort of hoping someone else will chime in here.  :-P  I'm not big on aesthetics.  I make things work, and they generally end up looking pretty good.  I rarely put extraneous things on them.  You guys are the marketting geniuses, though.  I'd say go with what you think will work well.  :-)  Actually.... it is nice to have something on the head indicating which direction its facing.  ...since there's no actual front or back to the body. 


Many sensors used by robots such as sonar or sharp IR tend to look like eyes anyway so Claudia's drawing gives a good idea how it may end up looking. With robots, form tends to follow function so it is difficult to say at this point exactly how it will finish up.

I think robots should be made transparent so that people can see how they work and because it allows for easy backlighting with LEDs.