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Giant Robot Project

Ok, soo.... I'm working on a big robot.  Its a spider tank style deal.  ..almost finished.  I've been working on it for a while.  Actually, i have 26 youtube videos on it.  Here's the first one...



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-or Jack. Or Oddbot...

Is DAGU still working on this? 

Jamie just wanted to let you know your my fav giant robot project buider!
How can the legs move, please explain me

Hey Jaimie, 

I know it's winter, so I shouldn't expect too much, but I was just curious to know if you've had the maiden test run of the gigantor yet? 

just saw your videos on youtube, I cant wait to see how it walks!

Hey Jaimie I only watched video #1 and I can only say: You rock!!

Now I have to go watch the other parts in the series...


just spent the whole night watching most of your giant robot project. cant wait to see the end result!

Jaimie, your project is awesome.

I had no time to watch the last videos yet so i ask you if there is any deadline to finish the project?

I really want to see this giant bot walking...

So I just finished watching all of Giant robot project on youtube (and operation crazy operation).  Is Part 67 the last update for a while?  

Awesome build!!!

I haven't seen an update in a while. I'm hoping that is because Jamie is super-busy getting his toy robot design made into a commerical product by Wow Stuff (a toy company in the UK).

I'm sure Jamie will surface eventually. Hopefully with good news and cool updates.