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Giant Robot Project

Ok, soo.... I'm working on a big robot.  Its a spider tank style deal.  ..almost finished.  I've been working on it for a while.  Actually, i have 26 youtube videos on it.  Here's the first one...



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Hi Jamie, I saw your spider robot ages back and followed the videos. Nice to have you on LMR!

There was a forum post a few months ago with the video of your model spidertank and the poster wanted to know how it worked. I put up a quick pic of what I thought the mechanism inside was like. I wonder if you could critique it? Tell me if I`m on the right track? :)

(I`m not looking to steal your idea. I, like most other roboteers love to know how things work.)

edit: found it. And it was already linked in the other thread anyway.

I have seen some of your cool videos already and think it's great that you have joined LMR. Perhaps you could post a photo of the actual robot as it is now and perhaps explain the mechanism used in the model so we can better understand the robot. I think this is a robot project if you can show us these things.

I like how you build everything yourself.

uhh... ya.  I don't really have time to do all that at the moment.  I'm building a giant robot here!  If thats not good enough ,sorry bout that.  There are 26 (so far) videos of progress on youtube.  I'll endeavor to live up to your standard of coolness.  :-P

Don't bother about living up to any other than your own standards.

-And bask in your own flavour of giant aluminum über-coolnes.

I understand that you cant be arsed documenting a project you're done with. But would you mind doing a partly disasembly and taking a few pic's of the small one?

Oh, and make sure Claudia sees it. She, Jack and the Dagu-crew might take an interest, and toss some money your way:-)

i think that this one is not a robot but could be a blog entry on lmr
hmm... not a robot?  what is it?  Is this going to turn into one of those annoying "what is a robot?" discussions?