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hackedosapien AKA Rajh

11/27/2012- swapped his backpack to an arduino pro mini (thanks ossipee!) its all being set up on a proto board hot glued to its back and will be moved into the chest cavity after its all buttoned up. i also made a simple jumper cable to program the pro mini from my arduino


the new transfer cable in use

the new programing cable

the new temporary back pack


9/29/2012- added another servo to the neck joint so now the head can move up, down, left, and right. its just a spare servo turned gear motor i have and is just hanging out until i get a servo to put in its place. still working on a code. right now it just walks until an obstical comes in its path. backs up and turns left.i also manages to remove and extend the transmitter  and reciever off of a ping board without any loss in accuracy! heres some pics until i get batteries and can take a new video.






9/22/2012- video demonstration of the new abbilities coming soon.



after three years I'm back with an update! Had a daughter and my toys got put away. Now I have a little more time to play again. I removed his head and in its place a ping sensor on a micro servo. I also removed his hand and in its place will be a micro servo gripper and wrist. I'm working on code now using the robosapien library and will post videos and pictures shortly!





will update in a little bit. got a ping in its chest. 

had a robosapien V1 (from here on out known as RS) since they went on sale at walmart for 40usd (about a year) and got bored with it. needing a break from working on blocky (yes im still working on it) and having a spare arduino i decided to search google to see if anyone else has combined the two before. i had found out it had been done and after some research decided to give it a try. its quite simple anp only takes three wires.

the robosapien has way to many motors to be controlled by the arduino alone. so what do you do?

 u take control of it by making your arduino pulse commands to the IR line hence only needing three wires

for now im posting a video of the bot all buttoned up and getting commands thru the serial port.

but this is only the begining. but before getting too far off track

the mod is simple. drill a hole in the RS back plate and run in three wires. they all connect to the board at the head connector one goes to the ir out pin one to the ground pin and one to the vcc pin. the power wires go to their obvious places on the arduino and the last wiregoes to pin 8. load the program in the link bellow (not written by me) and read the other link bellow for the bs2 (it has the 3 digit numbers u need for the code) rs mod and ur off!


this is only the begining. with the untouched RS you can program small 14 step programs but forget add ons. till now. i now have control of the robot and free inputs and outputs at my disposal. i invision web control. airsoft weapons. sonar navigation. the possibilities are endless.

 heres some links about the mod


http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1198260041 (credit to the poster for the code i use)



i'll put pics and video up when they are done uploading

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indeed i was claiming that your video is GREAT :D

Cool beans, man. I love the whole robosapien line anyway, adding an arduino is just cool ;) I've been meaning to stick my Propeller on my RSMedia for some time now, just haven't decided on what I'd want it to do. Haha.

If you haven't seen it already, check Marcus' page with his V2 hacks. Coilgun and flame thrower make for interesting toy robots running about your house.