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Electronics in Japan

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Great stuff for the non-japanese speaking residents of japan!


Honestly folks, if you've not tried it, it sucks to be illiterate, and learning several thousand different letters as quickly as possible is something of a daunting task..

I recently did some modest business with RS-online in my country (The Netherlands). It took some doing to buy from them as a private individual and they do not offer the same ease of use as many consumer oriented webshops. Their international website begins here.

I chose their business when it appeared they were the only ones stocking a very specific form factor caps I needed for spare parts. No one else seemed to have them. So I put up with the extra charge and the paying up front and the shunning Paypal and the registering in advance, etc.

I only ordered from them once before through their localized japanese website but I don`t rremember having any of the hassles you mention. Maybe I just really needed something so badly those things didn`t stick out to me at the time? Although I do admit their prices are much too high on most things.

The best thing about buying from them was I received a big chunky catalogue with my order and newsletters posted to me every other month. In this day and age of instant information online there is just something satisfying about a massive book.