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Rat Brain Robot

This robot is controlled by the brain of a rat - making it the world's first cyborg rodent...

(click here for HQ video)

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There were two articles in Robot Mag about the Rat Brain controlled robots. Each had different behavior patterns and some clustered in groups the article said. The first mention was an article on the very last page of one issue followed by another a couple of months later.

I like robots but I do not like Cyborgs or the idea of a robot with an organic brain especially a rats brain. I hate rats.

That awful smell, is that you Rik?

Yeah sorry about that. I think I ate an unsubstantiated claim last night.

Although as has been noted this is an example of growing brain tissue to fit an existing robot, there has also been extensive research in interfacing a complete brain with a computer. BCI (brain-computer interface) development has led to projects such as:
• Monkeys Consciously Control a Robot Arm Using Only Brain Signals - http://danshope.com/news/showarticle.php?article_id=10
• Cat vision 'hijacked' through BCI - http://people.seas.harvard.edu/~gstanley/publications/stanley_dan_1999.pdf
(scroll down, there are some interesting renders showing what the cat sees vs. what the computer decodes from the sensors)

More similarly to the above project is work like:
• 'Brain' in a dish flies flight simulator - http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/11/02/brain.dish/

I call bull-shit.

Brain cells are just neurones, bits of fleshy wire.

The information for it has just been hyped up beyond what it should be.  A more correct title would be "artificially grown neurone-controlled thingy". 

Given that these kinds of cells can be grown onto pretty much any treated electrical contact, all they're doing is being bits of wire. It's pretty scary what you can get bits of brain to do.....:


or - for another overly-dramatised and rather disturbing video:


(watch out for the last one, it's long and gruesome)


Edit; I should probably point out that the last link was not meant to show anything other than a demonstration of how simple it seems to get wire to talk to neurones - the problems the woman had seem to have more to do with dodgy surgery or wiring... or something. The fact remains that is IS possible to input and output signal to brain neurones - and, scarier still, decode it a bit.

Yeah, i was also wondering if it was fake or not, but i found a lot of articles about that so i posted it anyway.

 But as emuller said, i doubt it's controlled by an actual brain... 


I think it's not controlled by a pre-assembled brain so much, but rather brain cells which were artificially grown and left to organise themselves as they do naturally anyhow.




I'm calling shenanigans I doubt this is really controlled by a rat brain.