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Longer shoutbox?

I have tried - also for fun & the sake of it - to make the shout-box longer than the usual 7 shouts.

It was (is today) fun.. However - it makes people start using it instead of the forums and comments, unfortunatly leaving the site blank for people who missed the shout / the later visitors (and ourselves) - So I will make it short again after some 24 hours of "extreme shouting-day".


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The SW does not provide that option.

You are welcome to program it.

How about a per-user option to reduce the shoutbox to only display the most recent shout at the top of the page instead of the side, to allow more space?

To put it short; I know the shoutbox does not work very well as a chat etc. But that is the point.

It is ment to give "life" to the site, provide the feeling of "people on", but balancing on a sharp edge, never taking any other functionality. We need the talks to be out in the postings. If we are not stressing this, we will not have the nice readable web that we have now.

Not how extremely few people & times it happens that someone post something at the wrong place. When it happens it is noted and commented. This is very unique, and there is a reason for it; The system is precisely tuned for it.

Making the shoutbox more user friendly will make people use it more, and that is not the point with it. I know it is irritating, but that is the purpose; teasing, making you want to write and read out in the organized postings, because you can see that people are online, stuff is going on.. 

I couldn't agree more, so...

How about a per-user option to switch it down to one line only?