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Cheap Lcd for picaxe etc


I am new to LMR but for those looking for a cheap lcd I have found a brilliant one on ebay for under five pounds! It is 16x2, uses the hd44780 parallel driver, so can be used with picaxe etc, and even has a backlight!

I have just bought one but have yet to try it with a picaxe, will let you know when (or if) i get it working. Just follow the link below:


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Ok so I can confirm the lcd works fine with picaxe, i am running it on a 20m, but the contrast is terrible until i disconnect power from the lcd's logic ic. The contrast pin is grounded to 0v but only works when the logic is not powered (+5v), does anyone know why this is? Any help much appreciated!
Contrast should be on a 5k or 10k pot, with legs to 0 and 5 volts, to be adjusted to best viewability.
I bought a similar blue\white LCD from Futurlec which looks great with the backlight on but almost unreadable when the backlight is off no matter what you do with the contrast. Just a FYI.
You could buy a serial driver ic from techsupplies, they are under £5 as well. Then you have a complete serial display for around £10!
Wire a cheap I2C 8 port digital expander on the back. Who needs serial?
This unit is non-serial so you will use just about every I/O pin you have to run it.
cant use latching?