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I think this is a very nice design but your problem is not weight or power but traction, you need more wheels.

here is a video of a similar robot that has overcome the problem with more wheels:

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For the first couple of seconds just make the back wheels a little bit faster than the front.

(or the other way not quite sure of my logic)

The wheels appear to have enough traction - maybe it just needs more "Push behind" than "Pull infront" for the first part or visaversa.

once its underway (maybe by tilt switch) it can revert to same speed back and front.........

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This is good but how can I do that? I can not change the speed. These are digit servos. I can only servo position change.
servo 4,75 ‘ initialise servo
servopos 4,75 ‘ move servo to one end
pause 2000 ‘ wait 2 seconds
servopos 4,225 ‘ move servo to other end
pause 2000 ‘ wait 2 seconds
goto main ‘ loop back to start

You should set more weight on the backend.... i think.


Then the front end should be leighter than the front end and the will push it up at the first step :)

Hope it helps...

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no, that would totally stop it at the last step!

it need more weight on the middle!

AND as you said, the wheel need to be lighter!

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you 're right. I have to invent something else.
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get motors with more torque that way you have more power to deal the the whole gravity thing
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The servos are already strongly 12kg/cm.
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Add another servo in the middle that has a weight on the end of a stick The servo shifts the weight back and forth according to the orientation of the robot, need an accel or tilt sensor to read orientation.
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you 're right. I have to invent something else.