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The Climber - Third ride - It works!!!!!

Climb stairs

Hi guys !

I'm working on a robot from plywood. He should the stairs up and down ride.

He receives four strong (12kg/cm) servos modiefied for continuos rotation and one Sharp IR and probably two bumper switches.

My first Climber was finished, but he had two problems:

- first and last stair, so I had to change the design.

I hope that now everything is good.

 24 June 2009 - First ride

Without sensors.

 25 June 2009 - Second ride


He is too heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 26 June 2009 - Third ride

 It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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climb stairs.. ?

One prototype was already finished, but i have two problems:

- first and last stair 

now i have seen the video i think i know how to fix that.

try to add some weight just below the micro-controller, and maybe add some small high-friction rubber spikes on the wheels

Unfortunately does not work :(

TRY! to put the wheels a little off-center on the servos

that would make a low-(but still a little)bumby ride and maybe work!? :D

(would look funny if too off-center)