Let's Make Robots!

Entry For Oddbots Robot Video Competition

Hi all, it's 2:44 am (yawn), and here is my video.


I spent ages trying to work out the music for it only to find out just before uploading it

that Youtube will probably mute it :(


Oh well. if it happens i'll try another service.

anyway do enjoy. 


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Thanks guibot, but i know it's not bagged yet,

I wanted to get it up as soon as possible after i saw Gareth's nice work

his film made me laugh and thats what i was aiming for with mine.

I saw mine so many times as i was making it and editing that i wasn't really sure that it was funny,

getting a laugh is good enough for me :D 

Is that a welding rig you are using to Spark in some action?

Love the Flow and feel of the whole thing - you have put a lot of work into it .... well impresse.

The Good Bad and the Ugly sondtrack fitted nice. Just slow or speed up the music and the youtube sound parsers will not pick it up (just a thought).

Quote from Clint Eastwood 

"In this world there's two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig."

keep up the good work............

Cheers mate, yours inspired me to get cracking.

 Yes it's my arc welder, the first way i tried to simulate the laser burn was using matches lined up.

I thought they would burn real quick with the heads touching but it was so slow I had to speed the footage up about 10X

Then I discovered if you put those sparklers in the welder instead of a rod, then clip the earth clamp to the other side

all you do is flick the switch and whoosh, specFX on the cheap! 

 i've got some demo footage I might throw it on the blog for interest sake.



Remember this guy Puff - if you want fast burn check out his flash paper stunts.

It would be cool to see some static photo shots of Fobot in detail ......... or are we toooooo late......

 What strikes me about the LMR crew is all the lateral thinking (or dangerous experimentation) that goes on in the background.

.....the specFX may be cheap ,however its the effect that gets remembered

Thanks guys, i'm glad you got a laugh out of it, and thanks OddBot for the challenge, I had fun coming up with the lame plot

& i scratched a few lame ideas, so i may have to make a lame sequel some time! :D 

This is actually amazing, do behind the scenes clip : )
I found this video both entertaining and informative.
Who knew bees were so flammable?
Oh WOW we have a winner! I couldn`t stop laughing through the whole thing ;D
this Rocks. the video aint crap. dammit why cant you rate blogs.