Let's Make Robots!

Entry For Oddbots Robot Video Competition

Hi all, it's 2:44 am (yawn), and here is my video.


I spent ages trying to work out the music for it only to find out just before uploading it

that Youtube will probably mute it :(


Oh well. if it happens i'll try another service.

anyway do enjoy. 


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hi, I just looked at it then and it's come through with the goods.

Last night after i posted it it showed up looking like it had about 3&1/2 PPI 

It looked tragic, you could barely read the subtitles. 

I got to admit I was not expecting pyrotechnics and paper/cardboard robots but what a combination!!!
It had music when I watched it and I downloaded it just in case that changes. 

You've just set a new level for LMR homemade robot videos. I will have to try and includes lame plots and pyrotechnics into my future videos :P

That was fantastic. good luck
Excellent dialogue! Surprising ccamera angles! Lame plot! It' got everything a brilliant film needs!

you will win! :D

im sure!!!