Let's Make Robots!

Starformers (featuring Oddbot, Fristl, and with courtesy of Chris the Carpenter for a really quick appearance)

 Well, this was supposed to be my entry for Oddbot competition, but i realized i stupidly misunderstood the rules... I thought that you could use a cardboard/wooden robot, but when i read the comments, i finally got that you have to use a cardboard robot... I thought the main rule was to make a funny video about robot, even if you don't use a real robot. (yes, sometimes things are a little hard to get when english is not your first language!)

So i guess i'm off competition, but i didn't want to think that i wasted my time so i post it anyway... 'hope you'll enjoy!


                                                         Click here to watch Starformers!!


(and all my apologies to Fristl and CTC ^_^ )

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That was awesome! I think the best part of that whole thing was when the red oddbot-mobile pulled out of the garage and hit the sheep. That was pretty funny.

That was great! no waste of time there, I'm sorry you missed the key insrtuction though,

that was a worthy rise to the challenge :) 

Yeah too bad, but not a big deal tough, i'm glad my stupid cartoon makes people laughs ^^

If i had more time, i would have done the same but instead of jpeg i would have used pieces of cardboard and it would have been a valid entry, but the hell with that, at least it's good tribute to Oddbot and all the things he did for LMR members!

Next time i'll make sure i really understand the rules before getting into work ;)

don't give up


5 days, but as i told you, inlaws at home! And believe me, they take me a looOOOoot of time...
well made. very south-park. (hope you dont mind the comparison)
Are you kidding? You can even say "very Terrence & Phillip"! :D
Not a waste of time but it would be unfair to the other contestants that have followed the rules. You have made other members laugh, that is never a bad thing :D
No problem, my fault, and don't worry as long as i posted it, i don't consider it was a waste of time :)
I don't think it was a waste of time, I got a laugh out of it. Well done.